Abstract Puzzle

Abstract Puzzle makes unique, thought-provoking games, especially for mobile.

Mobile Board Games

Catchup, a 2-player abstract strategy board game with asynchronous multiplayer via Game Center. Game design by Nick Bentley.

For The Win, is a challenging puzzle and strategy game, commissioned and published in physical form by Tasty Minstrel Games. Game design by Michael Eskue.

Root Down, a modern abstract strategy board game designed around the concept of game pieces that "activate" other pieces. Game design by Martin Grider.

Thrive Digital Board Game, a digital version of the physical game published by Adams Apple Games. Available for iOS and Android.

Retired or Abandoned

Puzzle Prison, a 3D puzzle game where the puzzle is all around you. Announced for iOS and Android, and using Google Cardboard for mobile Virtual Reality, this game was shown at conventions for many years, but never saw a release.

ActionGo - Originally called Go-Tetris, you can still play Martin's first ever game over at Chesstris.com in your browser's Flash plugin. (A mobile & desktop version were in development and shown at conventions, but never released.)

Oppo-Citrus - a unique take on the opposite of classic action-puzzle game Tetris. The game featured cute pixel art fruit and graphics courtesy of August Brown, and SFX by Tori Kamal made entirely with real fruit. Available on the iOS App Store from 2014 to 2016.

ActionChess, an action puzzle game utilizing the pieces and movement from Chess. Martin's first app available in the App Store from 2009 to 2016.


Abstract Puzzle is led by game designer and developer, Martin Grider (but all the best apps are a group effort). When not working on our own games listed here, we also do contract iOS and Unity development.

You can read more about Martin Grider (including a bio and bibliography) over at Martin's blog, chesstris.com. You can follow Abstract Puzzle development progress there or by reading his twitter account: @livingtech.


Get in touch to see how we can help you develop your board game conversion or to see if your project is a good fit for our skills. Send Martin an email: martin at abstractpuzzle dot com.